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Wasted Colony

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Management Zombie Strategy Achievement Upgrade Click to find more games like this.
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  • Wasted Colony Screenshot
  • Wasted Colony Screenshot
  • Wasted Colony Screenshot


Guide small group of survivors through the zombie apocalypse. An entire city has been taken over by zombies and the player has to defend the last safehouse. Pick a leader. Send out your settlers in the city to search for survivors, resources or information. Produce weapons and traps. Repel the zombie waves and search for a cure to safe the city.

How To Play

Play the game using the mouse cursor. Manage the safe house during daytime and fight the battles during nighttime. The city map is randomized for each game.

Feedback for Wasted Colony


  • Could be great, but seriously bugged. The Scrap count is faulty, after a while you can not build any new rooms or any items in the factory, as they all say there is not enough scrap. I had over 200 scrap, and I could not make sandbags as i had a red Number for scrap

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