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Shuffle Puzzles

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Extremely fun and addicting game with awesome 3D graphics and realistic physics combining aracade, sports, board games and puzzles. If you like angry birds, billiards, pinball, bowling and solving puzzles this game is for you!

How To Play

Сomplete all the game levels and get as many points as possible.

To complete a level you need to earn at least 20 points.

You can earn points by throwing puck with your mouse. Just try using Drag – n – Drop on the puck and you’ll get the idea. All the game mechanics similar to real world shuffleboard. The faster you drag the puck the stronger throw you obtain.

When your puck stops in the blue, red or yellow area – you get some reward. Each puck which is overlapping with the reward zone gets you some points.

Blue zone – 5 points
Red zone – 10 points
Yellow zone – 15 points
You can also get some points by collecting $$$ signs on the level. Each dollar brings you exactly one point.

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