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Factory Parking

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This is not your average parking game, how many times comes a clock towards you and blocks your way, or did it ever happen to you that a robot was blocking the road? This car factory produces a great number of vehicles in a day, and all have to be parked, but you have time during the many levels. It is only natural that is will be harder to park them as you go up in the levels, but if every level would be as easy the first one, what would be the challenge in that? In the first level you only have 30 seconds so you have to hurry up, not only this, but the special place where you`r supposed to park, will be shown to you only once and you will have to find it using your visual memory. Your score will reflect your speed and accuracy, also how damaged is the brand new car.

How To Play

Use the Arrow keys to navigate the car, and have fun!

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