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Kick out Bieber 2

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  • Kick out Bieber 2 Screenshot
  • Kick out Bieber 2 Screenshot
  • Kick out Bieber 2 Screenshot
  • Kick out Bieber 2 Screenshot


Your objective, to kick bieber out of his own concert! Use the force of the CIA, a boxer, NFL pro kicker Bruce-lee (LOL) and your trusty metal guitarist to launch bieber completely out of the venue! Cause absolute mayhem and inflict maximum damage to bustin jieber, oops — I mean Justin Bieber. When you beat the game, play again and kick Selena Gomez (JB’s gf) out of her own concert!!

How To Play

Use your Mouse. Hit launch at the right time..,shoot and knock out Justin Bieber until he has no health…then Kick Out Selena! See other in game instructions for different aspects of the game. Have fun!

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