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Gulf Defence

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You are a peace-loving leader of a country somewhere in the Middle East. Not-so-peaceful soldiers form far away are trying to seize some oil you posses. Do not let them do so.

This is a turret-defense game where you defend oil barrels against waves of enemies. Includes boss fight on the final 31st level.

This is a political satire game, no offence to any country or group is intended. Please bear this in mind while playing, our goal is delivering fun to players, not to spark political debates.

How To Play

Click to shoot. Use numbers to switch weapons.

Some tips:
- buy new weapon as early as possible. This will allow you to start gathering bonus ammo sooner.
- do not spend much on ammo in the shop. The best way to get it is to gather bonuses on the battlefield.
- special weapons such as socks rain, rocket turret and nuclear bomb do not require ammo.
- flying enemies and special agents are able to steal your barrels regardless of the barbed wire or a wall you have.

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