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Car Thief Parking

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In the dark night, when everybody is sleeping, car thieves are out, looking for new jobs, new easy preys to take. There is a new boss on the streets and everybody in this branch seems so thrilled to work for him. Apparently, there is a job available, but not everybody is prepared for it. Only driving masters are able to obtain this job. It seems that your recent work for the family has not gone unnoticed. You were given the chance to prove your value through the ranks. What do you say? Are you up for this new, dangerous job? I must warn you, it's not easy. You must work your way up if you wanna become one of them. Do you wanna hear the details? Your first job will be consisting of low level carjacks, easy work for you. So, there is this parking lot. You must move the cars, mess with neighbors' heads, prove your boss that you can be smooth and silent, without scratching the paint off, no matter how stuffed the parking lot is.

How To Play

You can control the car with arrow keys and keep in mind that you must move as fast as you can, because you are under time pressure. You better not screw this up! Have a blast at parking cars for the head of mafia!par

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