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This tiny world constantly suffers from natural disasters! You've got to help this small world withstand the catastrophes! Build shrines and workplaces, collect mana and fortify your home!

How To Play

Mouse only
The goal is to build a level 4 shrine.

Collect ressources by building workplaces. The type of ressource depends on the tile the workplace is build on.
Grassland → Food
Lake → Water
Forest → Woods
Mountain → Iron

Cities produce two additionnal ressources :
Techs (level 2+ city)
A level 3 city is needed to build the level 4 shrine.

Shrines produce mana. The mana allows you to reconfigure the ground if you want. Same as before, the mana depends on the tile the shrine is build on.
Grassland → Green mana
Lake → Blue mana
Forest → Brown mana
Mountain → Grey mana

Every now and then, natural disasters happen. They reconfigure the ground and make your life harder !

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